It’s never a good idea to skimp on electrical components.

Many people and some business’ are temped to purchase low quality electrical components to try and save costs, however this is not always the right thing to do. More often than not, this will only create more problems than it is worth.

Spending that extra money on good quality components will guarantee the following:

  • Safety & durability
  • Quality performance
  • Lower cost over time

These three points are very important to us and is why we always use good quality components, whether we are wiring a new a home or completing a large construction project.

I personally would stay away from online markets such as Ebay and others. There are plenty of fakes on the market and the difference in cost to shopping at a local wholesaler such as Haymans, would be marginal. Utilizing their friendly, local, professional knowledge is always a bonus.

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Unlicensed Electrical Work

It has recently come to our attention, and expressively concerned us, that there are a number of local electricians completing contracting work without a Queensland Electrical Contractor’s Licence! This is highly illegal and poses serious risks to both the consumer and the person undertaking the work.

In the event of a breach that causes death or grievous bodily harm, those responsible can expect penalties of up to a $100,000 fine or up to 3 years’ imprisonment.

Licensed Electrical Contractors are required to meet specific insurance requirements in order to obtain and uphold their Contractor’s Licence. A minimum of $5,000,000 public liability insurance, with a $50,000 consumer protection component, is required to hold an Electrical Contractors Licence in Queensland.

Unlicensed electrical work is not covered by insurance if an electrical fault is to arise as a result of the work – leaving property owners and occupants uninsured in the unfortunate event that a fault/issue should occur. You need to ask yourself: “Is it worth the risk?”.

The next time you require electrical work to be completed at your property – whether it is replacing a power point, or undertaking a large renovation – be sure to complete a database search at If the Electrician does not appear on the database call 1300 362 320 and request a copy of their Electrical Contractors Licence.

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Reducing your Power Bill and Carbon Foot Print with Solar

With the price of solar equipment at an all time low and current government rebates it does make sense to install solar. It has been proven that significant savings from your homes energy consumption can be achieved with the installation of a reliable solar power system.

Benefits of solar:

  • Reduction in your electricity bills
  • Protection from rising energy costs
  • Reducing your homes carbon foot print
  • Increase the value of your home
  • Significant financial returns

As with any investment, it is important to do your homework. Speak to a local professional and have them come inspect your property.

Customers of Cutuli Electrical saw their electricity bill reduced by more then 70% in some cases just by installing a reliable solar power system and introducing some smarter energy choices around the home. More on smarter energy choices in future articles.

Until next time, stay safe and stay green.

The Dangers of DYI Electrical work

For those of you who are not qualified electricians completing your own electrical work around the home is not only dangerous to yourself and those around you, but is also illegal. If this work is completed incorrectly there is a high potential of serious injury or possibly death.

During the week, while an employee from Cutuli Electrical was replacing power points in a home he come across this:


As you can quite easily see by just looking at the colour codes the Neutral and Earth are around the wrong way. Any earthed conductive object (taps) would have had the potential to carry 240 volts. Something that seems so simple could have killed someone.

Call an electrician next time you need electrical work completed around your home.

Until next time, stay safe, stay green.